Fully Automatic Brass Case Annealer

Made in the USA


Annealing Brass for Reloaders The popular RifleShooter.com website discusses annealing and reviews the Annealeez machine.
The Science Behind Annealing Any reloader who's been around the block for even a little while knows that brass does not last forever. Eventually it fails if it is fired enough times. One way it can fail is that the necks become brittle and split. One way to cure that problem is to anneal the necks every few firings.
Reloader's WorkShop A comprehensive software application for metallic cartridge reloaders. Organizes your reloading efforts, keeps track of your reloading components inventory and catalogues loads, batches of reloaded and factory ammo, and evaluates reload performance. Includes a ballistics calculator and target group calculator.
Rocky Mountain Cartridge Dedicated to making quality brass cartridges for black powder & antique guns.